General Policy

In advance of submitting a request, a telephone call is suggested to determine if the organization seeking to apply for a grant falls within the current General Policy of the Foundation. Before the Foundation sends out an application form, an online inquiry is required describing the organization, its purpose, and the amount requested. The form can be found on the Funding Inquiry page.

If a request for a grant appears suitable, a Grant Process sheet, a Grant Application Form and a Checklist of required information will be sent.

Important Information

  1. Grants are made to tax-exempt organizations which have received a ruling by the Internal Revenue Service that they are organizations described in Section 501 (c) (3) and classified in Section 509 (a) (1), (2), or (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (publicly supported organizations and their affiliates).
  2. Consideration will be given to applications from institutions and agencies operating in the field of health, welfare, education, cultural activities and civic affairs, primarily serving the metropolitan areas of Chicago (see #3), New York (five boroughs of NYC only) and Michigan City, Indiana.
  3. The funding policy for metropolitan Chicago has changed. Requests for funding will no longer be accepted unless invited (initiated) by the Foundation.
  4. Grant Requests for Charter Schools will be accepted by invitation only (initiated by the Foundation).
  5. In general, as a matter of present policy, appeals for the following will be declined:
    1. Organizations not located in nor directly serving the areas defined in #2.
    2. National health, welfare, or education agencies, institutions or funds.
    3. Scholarships, fellowships, loans, student aid and appeals from individuals.
    4. Medical and scientific research.
    5. Private elementary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, professional schools and trade organizations.
    6. Films, program advertising, conferences, seminars, benefits and fundraising costs.
    7. Start-up organizations, start-up programs, emergency funds, and deficit financing.
    8. Lobbying-related or legislative activities.
    9. Endowment funds and intermediary organizations.


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